Old Tuscan Olive Mill
La Macina
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Mill realized its dream with the purchase of a new land, where will soon rise 700 olive trees.
An oasis of peace and tranquility where extra virgin oil is protagonist.

Types of olive trees that you will find in our olive grove:
Cultivation is identified in the Florentine area than in Pistoia, Leccino is cultivated in all Italian olive-growing areas and in the major distribution areas of the world. Note the special grace of adversity 'climate and to some diseases. Cultivated in Tuscany, Umbria, brands and has a high yield and a significant production, with good oil quality fresh taste, slightly fruity, slightly bitter and spicy.
Moraiolo is a variety of original olive tree in Tuscany and spread across much of the country, although mainly in central Italy. It has high productivity and consistent, good oil content (18-20%). The latter is of good quality (high in polyphenols) and appreciated for its fruity with hints of bitter and spicy nuances.
Coming from Tuscany, Frantoio is an olive cultivation among the most popular in the country.
Good oil yields (20-22%), dark green with gold highlights, is of excellent quality: fine, aromatic with spicy nuances and bitter.
A native of Florence, Pendolino is a cultivar of olive spread over much of the Italian territory. It is widely cultivated and appreciated as pollinating varieties, a peculiarity that it has facilitated the wide dissemination. The oil is delicate and fragrant, with hints of almond and slight bitter and spicy nuances.
Native to the area of ​​Lucca, the Maurino cultivar of olive spread over much of the Italian territory, albeit widespread, especially in central Italy. Productivity discreet but (slightly) alternating with olive yield is considered of excellent quality, slightly sweet and mildly fruity.
Originally from the Florentine area, it has spread all over Tuscany, where he also served in various denominations. By the term "Correggiolo" in fact they are indicated olives also attributable to other "races." Present in the regions of central Italy, this cultivar 'was also widespread in Russia and Australia. He showed poor tolerance to cold and winds. High and 'sensitivity' to scabies, medium to olive leaf spot.

Old Tuscan Olive Mill "La Macina" - Chianciano Terme (SI) - Tuscany - Italy